(included with admission)

Random shapes

CORN MAZE – Find your way through a series of complex paths. You can choose to play a game that we create on your way through, or you can simple explore.


Hay rides


HAY RIDE – Take a ride around the farm on our covered wagon with hay bale seating.           The wagon is wheelchair accessible.


barrel train


BARREL TRAIN – Take a ride on our custom made barrel train pulled by a tractor. It’s a fun way to explore.


pedal tractors


PEDAL TRACTORS – Race around the track with your friends. These cars are fun for kids and adults. The seats are adjustable for size.


DARK MAZE – Find your way through a series of small paths inside a dark, covered structure. It is completely dark, so you have to feel your way through.


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play yard

PLAY YARD includes:

Duck Racing

Bessie the Cow

Tire Fort

Climbing Bale

 Rope Maze

Logic Maze

Roping cattleGiant Chairshay bales


*Activities vary each season



(not included with admission)


pumpkin patch

PUMPKIN PATCH – Pick a pumpkin from our stash. You can come any time during maze hours or stop by any time to find a pumpkin perfect for you.

Prices vary upon size.



PUMPKIN PAINTING – Paint your own pumpkin at the craft stand. You will be given a pumpkin and access to a selection of washable paints and tools. This is a great way for your child to express their unique creativity.

$2.00 per pumpkin

Photo by Kylle

FACE PAINTING – Pick a design or image to get painted on your face. The painter will try any requests.

$1.00 per design/image

*Photo by Kylle



CUPCAKE DECORATING – Decorate your own cupcake with different colored icing and sprinkles. This is a great craft and yummy treat!

$1.00 per cupcake



DSCF0355 DSCF0353

MUMS – Choose from a variety of sizes and colors. You can pick out your mums any day of the week at our pumpkin stand.

$5.00 for single mums or $15.00 for a basket of 3



GOURDS – Small gourds are 3 for $1.00. Price of larger gourds vary upon size.

INDIAN CORN – Bundle of 3 for $5.00.

HAY BALES – Small hay bales for decorating. $5.00 each


CORN STALKS – Bundle of corn stalks. $3.00 each bundle

PUMPKINS – Pumpkins already picked for you. Prices vary upon size



T-SHIRTS – Take home an AT THE BARNYARD t-shirt for you and your kids. Available in youth and adult sizes. Call 717-437-3648 to order any time or pick one up at the craft shack during maze hours.

 $12.00 for short-sleeved or $15.00 for long-sleeved